Welcome to Babu's Vineyard

Welcome to Babu's Vineyard


Our Story

Planted in 2009 Babu's vineyard is a small, artisan vineyard and winery in the heart of Norfolk located in the ancient village of Weston Longville (formerly the Saxon settlement of Westum). This is possibly the first ever vineyard to be planted in this area, and certainly the first for a thousand years since the Domesday book was compiled. 


But we are here now growing, making and bottling award winning wines. Sample and see for yourself!

On his retirement Peter Ross decided to plant a vineyard and, with the help of friends and neighbours, this became a reality in 2009. Their continued help, especially at harvest time, is always greatly appreciated.

Following successful early grape harvests Peter decided to establish a winery which has subsequently produced a succession of award winning wines.

What started out as a hobby has turned into an artisan family business. You are invited to sample its success through vineyard tours and tastings and of course bottles of the wines.

Award Winning Wines

Since the winery was opened in 2014 Babu's has been producing award wining wines and to date has been awarded 1GOLD, 4 SILVER  and 3 BRONZE medals. The hope was that the excellent and bountiful 2018 vintage might yield a gold. AND IT DID! 

Tours and Tastings

In  2019 we first opened our doors to welcome you to our vineyard and winery with tours and tastings. These exclusive events were successfully run on a limited number of occasions and we are planning to do this again this coming summer, premesis building works permitting! hen the dates are published please  remember to  book early to avoid disappointment. We promise to provide an insightful tour, great nibbles and /or lunch  and, of course, some excellent wine.

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